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6. Including the Sharps"Buffalo Rifle" and rifles and carbines used in the civil war. A number of companies, among them Shiloh Rifle Manufacturing Company and C. of the original sharps and partnered with a Italian gun maker who built new machinery and built a hi quality Sharps. P (a design by Christian Sharps Shiloh makes both Model 1863 percussions Sharps and Model 1874 Sharps rifles in military and civilian versions. It is equipped with a C. Personally, I would prefer a Ruger #1 in 45-120 or if I am going with the 45-70, a Ruger #3 Comment Marble Arms® Improved Peep Tang Sight List by Manufacturer *Lowest upright height varies depending on gun. By 1874 the rifle was available in a variety of calibers, and had been adopted by the armies of a number of na Italian Firearms Group S769457: The Sharps 1874 Old West Walnut model is inspired by a specimen set up by Henry Slotterbeck, a Wrttemberg-based weaponry who emigrated to the USA in the 1850s who, after working for several years at Henry Deringer in Philadelphia, founded Slotter & Co. Sharps Oct. Sharps Arms with the #1 ½ Heavy barrel, 32” long. now. MILITARY ARMS, Dates of Manufacture, From 1795, Collectors Edition, By George Madis: Sharps 1859-1865 MODEL: Over 100,000 guns of these models were purchased by the U. to deal with. The Sharps carbine was the most significantly utilized carbine of the Civil War, it was a single shot percussion breechloader using paper cartridge and and revolutionized hand weaponry. Sharps Arms (SIngle Shot Rifles Sharps & High Walls). Auction: 15069813 Sep 01, 2019 · For sale is a Frank Garrett early Model 1874 Sharps carbine in . The rear 10" of the barrel is octagon and is marked with the two line address on top and "45" at the breech. The New Model 1869 Carbine and Rifle, available in . The same model listed here from Davide Pedersoli. Each of the 36 original carbines were marked on the barrel by the Rangers with a 'T H S' and sharps 45-70 for sale and auction. Feb 21, 2017 · The Sharps Model 1874 action lends itself to engraving because it has so much surface area. , Inc. 45-70 and wears a 22" round barrel. Became Sharps & Hankins in 1862 and C. 50. A. Alteration of Percussion Sharps to centerfire; Serviceable carbine ammunition in storage, October 1870; December 1870 inventory in U. They pay $100s to $1000s for original C. with the Robbins & Lawrence arms manufacture, he produced his 1851 carbine, and several others until 1856, when he moved into his own manufacturing space built on R&L land. from late 1871 through early 1877, a total of 1,769 of these rifles was made. Mar 15, 2009 · What do these fire? A cartridce or a packed powder charge and a ball? i saw one advertised that said it highly suggests using a factory load? I would love to get one for my Dad . , I would greatly appreciate any info you could relay to me, or for that matter, anyone that could relate any known history of this firearm. The Pedersoli copy is built with double-set triggers, and has a retail price of around $1,600. The Shiloh The Shiloh Rifle Mfg. He said he wanted an inexpensive one . It features a fixed front sight, case-hardened frame, and blue barrel finish. This Sharps feature a 22" Round Blued Barrel. Inc. 45-70 at 25 yards. It came in . I also owned an 1858 Sharps in . 1876 Centennial. Sharps Arms New Model 1875 Target & Long Range Cabela's 1874 Sharps Sporting ; Cimarron Billy Dixon 1874 The Sharps and Hankins partnership ended in 1866 and Sharps resumed the manufacturing of firearms under the C. in Big Timber, Montana. SOLD. The Front Sight is fixed and barrel features an adjustable rear sight. M. 1885 High Wall . "?S lawrence Pat April 12th 1859" "Sharps Pat Oct 5th 1852" Sight stamped "RS Lawrence Patented Feb 15th 1869" Any info would be appreciated Brownells is your source for Shiloh Sharps Parts at Brownells. Drop block single shot exposed hammer rifle. Jim 1874 Sharps rifle “SHARPS PTD” The name that shooters and collectors all over the world dream about. 4” case or the . 45-70 caliber. [/su_heading] The No. Available with 26", 28" or 30" Standard Tapered Octagon Barrel, Double Set Triggers, Drilled and T Sharps rifles are a series of large-bore single-shot rifles, beginning with a design by Christian Sharps in 1848, and ceasing production in 1881. Thread starter #1. Three of Duke's Model 1874. C. The 1874 is a 14 lb. Manufacturer Model Sight Base # Screw Set # *Upright Selection American Arms 1874 Sharps 991001 995027 Standard Armi 1874 Sharps 991001 995032 Short EMF Company, Inc. Rifles · 1874 Sharps Rifles · Hopkins & Allen  C. 50 caliber Buffalo Rifle is a gun from Tremors 4: The Legend Begins and Dirt Dragons. 2 barrels are heavy and that, as a result, gives this Hartford-style rifle a weight of over 15 pounds. My Gun List ». 1 x Part # 4 Forend ARMI4 + $73. 82 M1859/1863 SHARPS RIFLE BUTTSTOCK With Patchbox Inlet, Walnut, Requires Final Fitting, Reproduction. S. All jesting aside, a sharpshooter with a Sharps carbine could and did hit targets at 300 yards and beyond, as it was powerful and precise—in the right hands. If anyone has a copy of Civil War Sharps Carbines & Rifles, Coates, Earl J. P. Sign up for Exclusive Deals & Special Offers. For Dixie 1859 Sharps Rifle & Carbine and 1874 Sharps Sporting Rifles (Reproduction. 45-120. Palmer was president, Christian Sharps an engineer, and Richard S. RW . 00 off a 'walk around' at a gun show. Feb 07, 2011 · Gentlemen, I have a set of 2- 1874 Sharps rifles manufactured by Shilo Rifle of New Your for the US Marshals. The rifle was made by C Sharps Arms in Big Timber Montana. ALSO, there is one listed on AUCTION ARMS that should bear consideration by anyone wanting a Sharps Carbine. 1874 Sharps-Billy Dixon® Parts - Pedersoli From $1 C. When I ordered the gun I ordered it with the 34” heavy barrel and I ordered the full length 4 power scope. Taylors and Company 138 1874 Sharps Sporting Sliding Breechblock 45-70 Government 32" 1 Walnut Your Price: $1,217. Pedersoli Springfield Trapdoor Carbine. Location: Big Timber, Montana Model 1875 Carbine—Hunters Rifle Model 1874 Boss Gun Model 1875 Target & Sporting Rifle Model 1875 Classic Navy Arms Revolving Carbine 1874 Sharps Buffalo Rifle 1874 Sharps No. 01; Save 1874 sharps rifle to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. My experience with these rifles has been excellent as I also own a Pedersoli 1874 Silhouette rifle in . H. 44-77, . 45-70s include (from top to bottom) an original Sharps, a Shiloh fitted with 6X MVA scope and a C. Sharps Arms 1874 Bridgeport Sporting Rifle C. In 1874, after 700 Comanche warriors attacked 30 buffalo hunters in the Texas panhandle, the hunters had used their Sharps rifles to fight back Firearmsguide. Cavalry; Spencers and Sharps in fields service 1871-1873; Experimental Carbine M1870 in Field Service, 1872-1873; B. History. in Farmingdale, N. Buy a sharps 45-70 online. 45 cal. Add to Wishlist Remove from Wishlist. This rifle is a reproduction of the Sharps 1874 single shot rifle manufactured by the C. I have had a . One is a carbine and the other is rifle, both have the same serial number. Today, gun collectors treasure the Sharps arms. SHARPS 1848 MODEL . Barrel is in 18" twist with 6 grooves. Sharps Model 1874 Sporting Rifle With A Desirable “J. Both are excellent shooters. John C. 1885 Highwall, 1875 and 1874 Sharps and Custom Rifles  23 Jan 2015 Close up and personal look at a Sharps 1874 Custom rifle chambered in 45-90. 45-2. , with operations remaining in Hartford. They were renowned for long-range accuracy. 12 : Sharps Long Range 1874: Imperator Model JAGD I : Sharps Quigley Sporting: Imperator Pump Cal. Blued and case-hardened finish. Mar 29, 2007 · And we all know about many fine firearms makers of the past that have sold their names and are now low quality arms makers. Both are . Sharps factory and arms dealer E. Add to Cart. MVA offers the Sharps Vernier tang sight as a close reproduction of the original Sharps sight, but we have incorporated into the design the ability to lock both the elevation and the windage with a simple tightening of the eye disc. Lawrence as master armorer and superintendent. SHILOH SHARPS RIFLES FOR SALE William T. Something besides the 1853 Enfield and 1861 Springfield rifle muskets and Colt/Remington revolvers. Lower by Darrin L. Midway USA (Shooting, Reloading, Gunsmithing C. between 1860 and 1865. Weighing in at around 10. Uberti 71010. 375 (3/8”), DB050 (1/2”), DB0625 (0. Sharps Arms Model 1875 Sharps Classic Hartford, Blue/Case, Octagon 26 Single Shot Falling Block Rifle, MFD 1992-Present . In 1874, the firm was reorganized as the Sharps Rifle Co. 45-70 Government and features a predrilled tang for a diopter tang sight, adjustable rear sight and front sight with interchangeable blades on a blued barrel. Uberti and Pedersoli 1874 Sharps The Cavalry Carbine is a light-weight handy model for any shooter. 12 : Sharps Schuetzen 1874: Imperator SLF 1000 Cal. Around this time C. The barrel is equipped with a spirit lever globe front sight and no provisions for a rear sight and there is a long range tang sight. Shop available Sharps parts from Numrich Gun Parts Corporation today! We've been supplying customers with hard to find parts since 1950. SHARPS ARMS 1874 CARBINE - HUNTERS RIFLE, cal 38-55, 40-65 & 40-70-2. 00 30" Round tapered Barrel (. Serial no. 60 calibers, were the first Sharps arms designed for use with metallic cartridges. Sharps Model 1874 Bridgeport rifle. SHARPS ARMS CO. 00 near mint example… and it truly is a nice gun. After the American Civil War, converted Army surplus rifles were made into custom firearms, and the Sharps factory produced Models 1869 and 1874 in large numbers for commercial buffalo hunters and frontiersmen. C. 4 Sep 2008 He continued his business under the name C. ) It is in like new condition. It APPEARS to be a 50-70 with a patchbox stock. As a comparison, over 100 000 percussion Sharps were made, many of which were converted to metallic cartridge after the war. To $1,589. , C. Select options. Y. Sharps Gemmer: I : Sharps Infantry 1859: Imperator Model II-III Cal. Sharps Arms was already operating its custom shop and  Pedersoli Davide & C. Shown here is the 1853 carbine known to collectors as the"John Brown" Model. was reorganized as the Sharps Rifle Co. Lawrence Feb. 1873 Cattleman El Patrón. in 1874. If you get one of thesego for the double set trigger option. I also May 26, 2018 · Hi,I started answering your question yesterday, but I don't know what happened. 45-70 built with English walnut and engraving (2). Manufactured by Shiloh Sharps in Big Timber, Montana, this rifle is handmade in America with the highest degree of quality craftsmanship. Very well taken care of $ 1,400. Sharps Arms 1875 Classic Sharps C. Sharps Arms New Model 1874 Old Reliable C. Sharps Arms was founded in 1975 by John Schoffstall, and brought its first Sharps New Model 1863 Rifle and Carbine reproductions to market in 1976. When a customer decides to order a Sharps Rifle, the owners carefully  Standard size fits 24" & 26" This lot includes the following: Shiloh-Sharps rifle, 1874 Sharps-Billy Dixon® Parts - Pedersoli From $1 1,500 of these New Model  Firearms / Accessories / Loading. One of Duke's friends recently had this Shiloh Model 1874. During 1870 Sharps and his family moved to Vernon, Connecticut where he continued working on firearms design and started a large trout farming business. May 22, 2020 · Pedersoli: 1874 Sharps Cavalry Carbine (. Sharps New Model 1863 Carbine Barrel. Mar 24, 2011 · 1874 Sharps 50-90 (The "Big Fifty") Made In 1993 By C. 625”) . C $66. 1873 Revolver Carbine & Buntline. It was organized by Samuel Robbins and Richard S. Mine also has the decommissioned Lawrence primer flipper on the lock plate. Sharps introduced a Model 1875 Sharps followed by a Model 1885 High Wall and a Model 1874. Code Pedersoli Gas Seal Tool. Sharps doesn't make any other kind. Sharps use Badger barrels. It has numerous extra-cost options added. , Hartford, Connecticut, serial numbers for the “New Model 1863” generally run 75,000 to 140,000, some overlap with other models. Aug 12. SN: 47126 Condition: Very Good. 00 to almost 2800. The full octagon barrel is equipped with a hooded pin front sight, buckhorn and ladder flip up rear sight, and features a tang mounted mid-range sight. While Shiloh uses their own barrels C. C Sharps 50-140 cal riflefirst shots. Both are new in the hardwood case and have a marshals name & badge number acid etched on the under lever. The top rifle is a Shiloh Sharps Model 1874 for comparison to the Lyman Model 1878 Sharps. The Model 1874 Sporting Rifle was made in greatest numbers, even though the number of rifles made probably doesn't exceed 6500. The uncanny rifle is the consider is (a) cost of the weapon, (b) availability (c) design and manufacturing (d) idiosyncrasies inherent in the rifle. After that, Sharps shifted to metallic cartridges. 45 caliber, 30-inch octagonal barrel with fixed front sight and folding rear ladder sight. Sharps Arms Co. The sturdy acti Recently, I've taken more of a liking to the lesser-seen arms of the Civil War. ” It is offered with the barrel lengths of a carbine, 22, 24, and 26 inches, but with the dovetailed front sight of the Hunter’s Rifle. Taylor's and Company Model 1874 Sharps Down Under Sport Single Shot Rifle . com / Firearm manufacturer: Davide Pedersoli, Models: , 1874 Sharps Bench Rest, 1874 Sharps Light, 1874 Sharps Scheibenstutzen, 1886 Sporting Classic, 1886 Sporting Rifle, 1886/71 Guide Master, 1886/71 Lever Action Boarbuster , 1886/71 Lever Action Classic, 1886/71 Lever Action Premium, 86/71 Guide Master, 86/71 Lever Action Boarbuster, 86/71 Lever Action Boarbuster + Red Dot, 86 The Sharps New Model 1863 is considered the most popular firearm of the Civil War. com. Mar 15, 2018 · This 1874 Sharps rifle is a great example of a been-there, done-that authentic western buffalo rifle. download Sharps 1863 Rifle #6 Here’s Mike’s . Even the U. It has a 32-inch full-octagon barrel in . There are several US companies making Sharps patern rifles, ie Axtell, C. Short upright/Standard upright. 00 4d 17h 49m Jan 10, 2011 · Legend has it that it was a Sharps carbine that fired the first shot of the Gettysburg. 1 x Part # 5 May 02, 2016 · Here is a unique rifle - a Pedersoli Sharps 1874 Navy Arms 3 band infantry model in a . Our Sales staff cannot forecast price or availability of Wish List items. They are shooters. Lowery, Ph. Sharps Arms New Model 1875 Rifle C. Sharps Arms Custom New Model 1877 C. 1885 High Wall Rifle . Have a Badger Barrel on mine. A little knowledge cant hurt me. Co in 1851 and renamed to Sharps Rifle Co. It was made in 2016 and is still unfired and in its original box. } You are here: HOME >; PRODUCT CATALOG >; RIFLES. Sharps Arms with the #1 ½ barrel The rifle I used was my hefty Model 1874 Hartford by C. case; or else there Sharps rifles are a series of large-bore single-shot rifles, beginning with a design by Christian Sharps in 1848, and ceasing production in 1881. Sharps is a good co. Sharps Rifle Co. This modern day reproduction from Chiappa is chambered in . 1874 Sharps 45 90 The . This one is a three grove re-lined barrel and has the DFC cartouche on the May 22, 2008 · Garrett made sharps carbine )percussion models) for competition shooting in the N-SSA. 00 dollars . 45-70) SKU: PD-S. 999 Sharps Carbine D. The 1878’s hammer is also at half-cock position. Sharps Arms . Sharps, in . Published by. Today, the model is offered by C. The Sharps carbine has a 22 inch barrel. This carbine is chambered for the . Also known as the . Sharps is a . One of the most popular Union cavalry carbines of the Civil War, the Sharps went on to serve troops during the Indian Wars, armies in Europe, and a good many were sold to civilians as surplus. 45-70, Ubertis replicas of all 6 configurations of the 1874 Sharps Rifle are true to the originals. . The stock has brass details: on the right side of the blade a plate to be customized with some inscriptions Sharps Rifle Manufacturing Company was the manufacturer of Sharps Rifle. 45-70 is easiest because of all of the information and brass available but there's nothing like the thrill of sending 650 grains down range and hearing the clang on steel rams. 00 plus shipping $30 I don't need or want it there for Sale final, No returns. add (+$440. Been casting bullets and putting together paper cartridges as well as a Navy (or artillery) load for the Sporting gun. . This is a C. In 1876, manufacturing was moved to Bridgeport, Connecticut, where it remained until 1881. Thank you so much for sharing your story with the BaoBag community. Cavalry carrying a similar type SHARPS AND HANKINS 4 BARREL DERRINGER MAINSPRING, Small Frame, Fits . From there, he and his family, wife Sarah, daughter Satella, and son Leon Stewart Sharps, moved to Vernon, Connecticut. " Oct 15, 2019 · C Sharps Arms 1874. In 1871 Christian left Philadelphia. 44 caliber. 22 Lever action All H001 Except H001V Jan 25, 2017 · The original Sharps rifles were muzzle loaders from the Civil War, this one would either be a conversion model or one made at the factory as a cartridge rifle. Meacham, of St. Checkered walnut wood with curved metal butt plate. The light round barrel and shorter lengths makes this one of the handiest models in the 1874 Sharps collection. The Model 1874 had actually been in production since 1871, but it was in 1874 that the Sharps Rifle Manufacturing Co. Jul 11, 2017 · The Uberti 1874 Sharps Down Under Rifle is a faithful reproduction of the film rifles down to many of the small details, but with a few exceptions. That's a very nice looking rifle, but C. 40-65. 99040 [upper tang and barrel], . That said I own a Perersoli sharps, an original rolling block and have a Shiloh Sharps on order. 1874 creedmoor silhouette rifle $ 3,105. Uberti Firearms 1874 Sharps Special Rifle, . Some today’s rifle (Notably Shiloh, C Sharps Arms) feature deferent front and rear dovetail cuts in their barrels. Sharps Arms Deluxe Vernier tang sight and a Globe front sight with spirit level. Pedersoli Sharps 1874 Sporting Rife. The Sharps Carbine Hunter’s Rifle. See Sold Price. 50/70 Model 1874 by C. and Shiloh Rifle Manufacturing  The main core of Shiloh Sharps Rifle Company is the legendary 1874 and the 1877 rifles. This Big Timber manufactured rifle has a 34” heavy octagon barrel, pistol grip and Marble Arms® Standard Peep Tang Sight List by Sight Base Number Sight # Manufacturer/Model 009838 Shiloh€ Sharps 1874 009839 NEF Survivor 009840 Savage 1899 009841 Savage 30G Stevens Favorite NEW 009843 Shiloh Sharps New 009844 Henry Big Boy 44, 45, 357, 30/30, Rem. Add to Wishlist. Jan 23, 2015 · Close up and personal look at a Sharps 1874 Custom rifle chambered in 45-90. In 1848, Sharps received his first patent for a breechloading carbine and moved to the Philadelphia area, where he proceeded to contract with a local gun maker to manufacture his new design. for southern forces. Sharps Arms Globe w/Apertures & Spirit Level. Sharps Arms Inc. 45-70. 363 Dovetail) Manufacturer: SHARPS. Below you can see a movie clip from Quigley Down Under: C. Sharps in Montana. Two years later the new company moved its Hartford, Conn. Also see the Buffalo Hunter Sharps, Cavalry Carbine Sharps, and all available configurations below. Sharps Rifles & Carbine Matthew Choquette; 36 videos; Uberti 1874 Sharps Rifle by Uberti Firearms. Christian Sharps’ original design, patented in 1848, was loaded with a linen cartridge and percussion cap. offers 1874 Sharps rifle rifles for sale, the best gun accessories for your firearms collection. Co. The range Dec 28, 2014 · My C. is proud to offer the colorful, high quality 1874 Sporting Rifle in a variety of barrel lengths and calibers for hunting and target shooting. " This Cimaron Firearms imported Armi Sport Texas Ranger Carbine black powder cartridge single shot rifle is a copy of the 1859 Percussion Sharps Military Carbine converted to fire cartridges then sold to the State of Texas and issued to Texas Rangers stationed on the Western Frontier in the 1860's. Pedersoli Sharps 1874 with an RLO Custom Leather butt stock cover and my first batch of freshly reloaded paper patched 2. [su_heading size=”30″] “Hannah” is a rather special rifle, a Model 1874 Sharps from C. 09 Taylors and Company S804457 High Wall Sporting Lever 45-70 Government 32" 1 Wood Stock Sharps Rifle Manufacturing Co. Christian Sharps (1810 - 1874), patented his rifle in 1848. Shiloh Rifle Co. It has acquired some minor rust stains on the case hardened finish on the receiver that I am trying to remove in order to sell this rare piece. Feb 12, 2016 - The firearms of Christian Sharps, manufactured from 1848-1881 and in use ever since. Sharps worked at Harpers Ferry for over a decade, learning the arms making trade, as well as the early concepts of assembly line production. Aug 11. Sharps Arms Model 1877 rifle is built with the "Creedmoor" single trigger, with a base price of $7,500. Fine rifle great workmanship and deadly accurate . C Sharps Arms 1874 Sharps rifle. My carbine also has a cartouche in the wood with Garrett's initials instead of the real inspector's mark, but in the same style as the latter. 40 cal. The New Model 1863 was originally a paper cartridge military carbine. Sharps did, of course, make large quantities of rifles and carbines for the U. Set triggers. The amount tells something about the decline in the number of Sharps rifles made after the war. Sharps & Co and all the arms were sold-out in early 1868. They pay roughly $100 for a non-functioning model and $700 to $900 for functioning replicas. Please see the pictures above. Sep 05, 2015 · Gun. Goodman, P. Recommended lowest height provided. Sharps had a rocky relationship with his partners at best, and he left the first Sharps company in 1855 and formed the C. Sharps Arms New Model 1874 carbine. They are DB0. C $95. SHARPS 1863 CARBINE RIFLE GUN RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS 999 SILVER BAR RARE COOL BAR. Sharps & Co. The 40-90 Necked Sharps was introduced in 1873 & “became one of the more popular cartridges. 40, . In 1848 Sharps received his first patent for a breech-loading carbine and moved to the Philadelphia area, where he proceeded to contract with a local gun maker to manufacture his new design. RevolverPistol HolsterShotguns FirearmsRifle TargetsLever Action RiflesFire PowersHunting  The Shiloh Sharps Roughrider 1874 in 45-70 caliber was won by Marc Rohde of Forsyth, MT along with some Rocky Mountain Cartridge donated 'Quigley 2015'  601 Items the world's largest gun auction site. See more ideas about Firearms, Rifle, Sharp. Barrel length 22”, 24” & 26”, tapered round military style with sporting Full Buckhorn & Silver Blade Front Sights Semi Cresent Military Style Steel Buttplate slender forend, color cased receiver. The story as I heard it, Garrett got the spects. 50-70, and . Item 080G000283. Reproductions of the paper cartridge Sharps 1863 Rifle, the metallic cartridge 1874 Sharps Rifle, and Sharps-Borchardt Model 1878 are manufactured today for use in hunting and target shooting. page-not-found. Sharps rifles were popular among civilians and military alike. A great old Sharps rifle. again in 1866. Text CABELAS to 247365 to Sign Up for Mobile Alerts *Message and data rates may apply See Sharps Became Sharps Rifle Mfg. Civil War Era. 50: C. Sharps Arms team to ensure that our customer receives the highest quality product possible. O. Sharps & Company, until Breech -loading percussion carbines and rifles from the Sharps Rifle  The first patented Christian Sharps rifle. The hollow point express bullets made by Sharps were designed to accept a 22 rimfire blank which was supposed to provide explosive expansion & better "knock down". , factory to Bridgeport, Conn. The first contract for 5,000 rifles was in 1850 and Chambered in classic . , and in April 1876 decided to stamp all future production of the Model 1874 Sharps with an Old Jul 04, 2018 · Back again I also have a Sharps Carbine Cartridge Conversion with a serial number of 74667. To satisfy the request of our customers and shooters, some years ago, we started a project for the production of one of the most famous rifles of the American Civil War era. I ordered the gun in 50 X 140 Caliber because “bigger is better” . 99. ) For Dixie 1859 The Quigley® Sharps Rifle co-stars with Tom Selleck in the movie, Quigley® Down Under. and the Shiloh Sharps Co. This C. 00 Compare. Only 650 were produced before the Model 1874, announced in 1870, replaced it. Price: $269. Sharps Arms 1875 Classic Sharps C. The overall length is 39". Sharps Sept 12, 1848 C. Our GOTD is the “legendary” Sharps rifle in 45-110 chambering that Tom Selleck used in the 1990 film, Quigley Down Under. 5-Shots with Carbine loads in a . I, too, admire the design of the Civil War Sharps and Spencer rifles. 1874 Sharps Rifles, All Rifles. 12 : Sharps Infantry 1874: Imperator Model II Trap Cal. Here is an original breech-loading, four-shot pepperbox pistol in excellent condition that is sometimes referred as a ‘Sharps derringer’. and Shiloh Rifle Shadi ka saman online. If I buy another it will be the 75 model C. PEDERSOLI 1874 PERCUSSION RIFLE. 1874 Heavy Hartford & Long Range Sporting & Target Rifle. 45-70, 22". & McAulay, John D. Model: 1859 NEW MODEL SIDE HAMMER, 1863 REPLICA, 1866, 1874 REPLICA Call us toll free: +1 888-744-0066. Shop our collection of 1874 Sharps Rifles & black powder cartridge firearms, here at Buffalo Arms Co. The barrel is serial numbered C22693 and has several proof and inspectors marks on the underside. Sep 20, 2017 · Recently bought a couple of new toys, 1859 Sharps carbine, and the 1863 Sharps Sporting rifle. 00) Reproducing the Sharps at a reasonable price was a challenge for modern manufacturers because of its sliding breechblock and many angles and corners. Sharps 1874 Cavalry Carbine, . Percussion, 4 serial Number. Sharps Arms is a combination of the old Hunter’s Rifles and the civilian carbines. Sharps Arms, Inc. Sharps Replica 1859 Sharps Carbine Rifle - Civil War - Old West - Union Cavalry - Denix Sharps Model. Tale of the C. during the Civil War and copies were made in the C. ,I,have,sn:,C The Uberti 1874 Sharps is a falling block action rifle chambered in . I'd trade for a trap or upland game related gun up or down. Properly termed a pepperbox pistol, this example was manufactured by the American firearm maker C. The top of the barrel is marked "OLD RELIABLE" followed by the two line address and the caliber Jan 17, 2011 · “In 1874, Sharps made rifles in calibers of . 4" Sharps. This rifle has almost the exact same configuration as the New Model 1859 ‘Berdan Contract Sharps rifles (except the set triggers Davide Pedersoli 1874 Deluxe Rifle- BPCR- Single Shot- 32 Inch Octagon Barrel-Tunnel Front Sight- Double Set Triggers- Near NIB! - . Oct 01, 1985 · A recent addition to the current lineup of newly made old-timers is the 1874 Military Pattern Sharps rifle from Garrett Arms & Imports, Inc. proudly offers the Sharps Business Rifle, manufactured by Davide Pedersoli, one of the finest gun manufacturers in Italy. Sharps $2775 1875 Sharps 45-70 Made In 1995 By C. Sharps rifles have been historically renowned for long range and high accuracy. If you are a Sharps or buffalo gun afficiando nothing more really needs to be said about this gun's provenance. By the early 1880s, the long-range models had become the favorites of professional buffalo hunters. 52 Caliber W/ Sights For your consideration is a Sharps New Model 1863 Carbine Barrel from the Civil War Era. Sharps Arms (3). I do have a Pedersolli infantry Sharps 1874 rifle and a Uberti 1874 rifle. Its Model 1874 was one of the brand’s most One can turn to C. 50-70 : 300 made at Springfield with standard Springfield butt and a two band musket forearm with ramrod : 1874 Carbine Jan 04, 2011 · C. 45-70, 32" By adding this item to your WishList, you will be notified automatically via email when this item's price has dropped. my advice is to go with either Pedersoli or Armi-Sport (see told you the names were similar, but the quality and safety are vastly different) Either of these brands is a good place to start. 54 cal. Sharps. In 1874, after 700 Comanche warriors attacked 30 buffalo hunters in the Texas panhandle, the hunters had used their Sharps rifles to fight back Sharps Arms had originally been affiliated with Shiloh, but they split in 1985, though today both are located on the same street in Big Timber, Montana. Has 28” octagon barrel with good bore. When this company closed the machinery and plans were sold to Petterzoli. 1 oz Sharps 1863 Carbine Support The Right To Bear And Keep Arms Silver Art Bar. Springfield Trapdoor. Those were breechloaders, but were percussion guns, not metallic cartridge arms as was the 1874. “The Sharps carbine is an instrument of uncanny power and precision,” LaBoeuf insists. (01-17445/MGM92). com EMAIL: montanaraven@hotmail. Product Catalog. Manufactured by Armi Sport, one of their fine line of Sharps Rifles and Carbines. “I have no doubt that the gun is sound,” Cogburn shoots back. 0 (1) SHILOH SHARPS REAR SIGHT Sharps Vernier Tang Sights. 775-457. The range includes versions like the 1859, 1862 and 1863 “Cavalry Carbine” that take cartridges and use a percussion cap and nipple, the more modern 1874 to 1877 versions use modern cartridge case ammunition with an incorporated primer. Co makes the percussion New Model 1863 rifle. Selleck plays Matthew Quigley®, a bigger-than-life American marksman who comes to Australia to shoot wild dogs (dingos) for a wealthy rancher. ), 28 inch octagon barrel, blue/casehardened finish, walnut stock. Are there any owners/shooters of the 1859 Sharps or 1860 Spencer carbines here on the forum? Apr 01, 2013 · The Sharps rifles are commonly in 32 to 34 inch barrels, although I have one in a 29 inch barrel length. In the current catalog this is shown as the “1874 Carbine Hunters Rifle. Sharps Arms and Davide Pedersoli Co. C sharps barrels C sharps barrels I own a replica (Uberti) 1875 Sharps Carbine chambered for . 50-70. This rifle is accompanied by a Sharps factory letter which states that it was an $18 rifle that was shipped on June 1, 1873 to Schuyler, Hartley & Graham of New York City, in a $9000 shipment of 500 Sharps guns in one order (this was the single largest order ever placed from Sharps). My old Quigley model beat a mess of Shiloh, and c sharps rifles. In 1874, after 700 Comanche warriors attacked 30 buffalo hunters in the Texas panhandle, the hunters had used their Sharps rifles to fight back 1874 Sharps Rifle From Down Under Parts - Pedersoli From $1. ZIMMERMAN, DODGE CITY, KANSAS IN 1874! - Image Gallery at page end. Historical American Firearms Plate Sharps Carbine Christian Sharps patented his Breech Loader in 1848 and many famous models were produced. I also had one in ,45-70 but settled on the fifty challenge. Originally produced by the Sharps Rifle Manufacturing Co. It can still compete head-on in the 1000-yards (914 m) shooting competitions that are very popular in the USA. Open sights with medium range tang sight. 44/77 80 93 - X 173 - X 537 - 6X Vintage Rifle Sights, Scopes, Mounts and Accessories R. Apr 15, 2009 · Sharps Model 1874 Sporting Rifle The serial number is marked horizontally along the back of the receiver. This single shot rifle was manufactured by C. Among the Model 1874 Sharps rifles made currently by C. Anyone want to go shoot a buffalo with this beast? Davide Pedersoli still makes this model in Italy, they're almost $2k new and there is a two year waiting list. Lawrence as a holding company in Hartford, Connecticuton October 9, 1851 with $100,000 in capital. Dec 15, 2014 · It must be remembered that Sharps only made rifles with the second pattern breech seal for a short tie, from about 1860 to 1865. Note: The C. I just picked up my Sharps rifles were a series of large bore single shot rifles that began with a design by Christian Sharps in 1848. " stamp normally is on the action. Mar 23, 2011 · I have a Sharps Carbine s/n C28741. ” Reproductions of the paper cartridge Sharps M1859 and M1863 Rifle and Carbine, the metallic cartridge 1874 Sharps Rifle, and Sharps-Borchardt Model 1878 are being manufactured today. In near New condition, set in closet since the late 70's. Sharps 1874 Old Reliable Falling Block Single Shot Heavy Barrel Rifle. NO RESERVE!! Here's an extremely high quality reproduction of the famous Sharps military carbine. Sharps Carbine Great deals on Sharps Gun Parts. Lawrence as a holding company in Hartford, Connecticut on October 9, 1851 with $100,000 in capital. I have two shilohs and five C Sharps rifles and have been very happy with all of them. Sharps rifles were so well built that models from the 19th century are often still functioning. So for about half its existence, it made metallic cartridge arms exclusively. The Davide Pedersoli 1874 Sharps Sporting #3 Falling Block Rifle . 1874 Sharps Rifles Show Filters Sharps Rifle Manufacturing Company was the manufacturer of Sharps Rifle. Add to Cart Pride of the Plains Sharps Rifle 45-70, 30" Oct. The . RS-DP-1874 Vernier 5" Long Range Tang Sight, for 1874 Sharps, or 1885 Winchester rifle, complete with Sharps mounting screws, by Davide Pedersoli. Description Pedersoli Gas Seal/ Touch Hole Tool for Rubber Seal System 0800000283 Feb 18, 2018 · I am picking up a Pendersoli Dixon Sharps 1874 with a 6x scope on it next weekend. 45 2 4/10, the cartridge was developed for hunting and long range target shooting. Flicking through the Davide Pedersoli catalogue you'll see that there are around thirty different versions of the “Sharps” rifle. Louis, Missouri, produced some of these Sporting rifles by converting earlier percussion models to metallic cartridge rifles. Early in 1981 the C. By looking at the targets, you cannot tell which target was shot by which rifle. pacecars Senior Member. he said a long barrel and not a carbine . The number is correctly marked with 6 numbers because the “C” prefix was dropped after THE HOLY GRAIL OF SHARPS BUFFALO GUNS! Early Hartford 1874 Sporting Rifle with 30" octagon barrel in . I will give you some info and the current values from the Standard Catalog of Firearms. Thread starter pacecars; Start date Oct 15, 2019; Oct 15, 2019. 54 Cal. Sharps Arms, owned by Schoffstall, became the distributor west of the Mississippi while Shiloh Sharps owned by Droege was the east of the Mississippi distributor. C Sharps 1874 45-70 Magna Ported  4 Jan 2011 Dixie Gun Work's line-up of Model 1874 Sharps rifles, by Pedersoli, include (from C. At that time, the company relied heavily on the early Shiloh operation in Farmingdale, New York to do their manufacturing. They are used in Civil War re-enacting , hunting and target shooting . Sellers book states that after the war several thousand of the old percussion model Sharps were converted to metallic cartridge. - 100 Centennial Dr, Big Timber, Montana 59011 - Rated 5 The finest rifle I own is a 1874 Bridgeport sporting rifle by C. Uberti 1874 Sharps Carbine Rifle, . This is my first forray into this type of gun. I39-915 Quigley Sharps Rifle - It was the gun that made order times from the Shiloh Sharps Company go from months to years. 45 : 30 : 1874 Business Rifle : 1876 : 1880 : 1604 made at Bridgeport : 1874 Hunter Rifle : 1875 : 1880 : 451 made at Bridgeport 141 made at Hartford : 1874 Springfield Sharps : 1871 : 1871 . -----Formed C. moved from Washington to Big Timber, MT and a few years later Shiloh Sharps moved to Big Timber and occupied a new building Nov 21, 2010 · It is simply one more step beyond the norm taken by the C. Christian died on March 12, 1874 from tuberculosis. shiloh-ballard. Sharps and Pedersoli. Feb 03, 2017 · Thanks for the pictures. 3 Long Range Rifle 1873 Winchester Rifle C. Shop our vast selection and save! 800-741 MARBLE ARMS (In Stock) - 5. The barrel is 1 in 22" twist with 6 grooves. That really isn't fair because the Carbine Hunter’s Rifle is one of the Sharps versions that is most often found on the "guns in stock gallery. Lawrence, pat. Sharps Arms New Model 1875 Target Long Range Cabela's 1874 Sharps Sporting ; Cimarron Billy Dixon 1874 Sharps Jun 26, 2013 · 1863 (1869 Conversion) Sharps Carbine I've done a little research on this carbine and found the following: From U. 44-77 caliber with factory letter showing shipment to F. 45 caliber barrel, but rebuilt by a Cheyenne gunsmith with a much heavier barrel in . , both of Big Timber, Montana , and the Italian gunmaker The name was subsequently changed back to C. This one is unfired. That really isn’t fair because the Carbine Hunter’s Rifle is one of the Sharps versions that is most often found on the “guns in stock gallery. 41 John C. The receiver, lock Here’s Mike’s . When the production of carbines reached 100,000 a “C”-prefix was applied before the serial number. 50-140 3-1/4" and is accurate beyond belief. I understand that the "C" in the serial number means they started over at 100,000. In about 1994 I ordered a C. 40-70, . 1874 Express Rifle : 1879 : 1879 . It was shipped from Sharps in 1879 with double set triggers, open sights, and a medium-weight . Sharps Arms New Model 1885 High Wall Rifle C. Zimmerman at Dodge City, Kansas. Designed in 1848 by Christian Sharps, the Sharps rifle is a large-bore single-shot rifle. Sell your sharps 45-70 for FREE today on GunsAmerica! Customize: 1874 Sharps Parts All - Chiappa. PEDERSOLI SHARPS BUSINESS RIFLE This basic model of the Sharps rifle has a 32" octagonal barrel offering the long range shooter a lighter weight, yet dependable, precision rifle. See more ideas about Firearms, Rifle, Guns. Add to Cart  9 Jan 2019 a semiautomatic rifle but not convert the semiauto- ''C. Sharps Arms New Model 1874 Old Reliable C. Trick out or upgrade your firearm with the largest gun parts selection at eBay. Sharps Arms Company in Big Timber, Montana as a reproduction of the original Sharps 1874 rifle. 04KB | 10-09-042 - High Finish Percussion Sharps Carbine: This gun looks like a $6,500. It has been shot about 40 times in it's lifetime, cleaned well and put away. Oct 5, 1852. The Down Under Sharps is a reproduction of the firearm Tom Selleck carried in the film Quigley Down Under. Capacity: 1 Total Length: 38. It is a 45-90. Top of barrel marked: OLD RELIABLE SHARPS RIFLE CO. Home / Firearms / Rifles / Pedersoli / Pedersoli Rifles / 1874 Sharps Rifles. But I would like to educate myself . Jun 27, 2014 · While the original 1877 Sharps rifles were made specifically for long range shooting, this new Lyman Model of 1878 differs in two ways. Barrel marked of left side near frame CAL 45 2 1/2. Powder River Arms 1874 Sharps 45-70 Rifle for auction. Shiloh Sharps Model 1874 Long Range Single Shot Quigley style rifle made around 1993 – Serial # B1649, barrel caliber marking is stamped “ 45 Caliber 21/10″ which is the Shiloh marking for “ 45-70″ caliber, beautifully machined 34 inch half octagon half round barrel, blue/color case hardened finish and a exceptionally figured walnut stock. Oct 09, 2012 · Edition 2012-2. Barrel: Round Blued Buttplate: Blued Lever: Case-hardened. Thompson/Center Arms (3) Items (3) Unbranded (2) New Listing SHARPS RIFLE or CARBINE LEVER 1874 Model action LEVER original vintage gun parts. 45 and . Buy a Sharps Rifle with confidence from our trusted sellers. This falling-block rifle is extremely accurate, chambered in a powerful cartridge, and very reliable. Trapdoor Era, 1874-1895; 45-70 Springfield Carbines in Field Service, March 1874 1st Allen Cunniff 1874 C. Sharps, Shiloh, One in Bend Oregon, and a couple of others. Current values:Exc The 3 ¼” cases were of the Berdan primer type, it looks as if the Sharps Rifle Company must have later rechambered this big rifle to take the longer modern primer U. It has been accomplished, however, and Taylor’s & Co. Blued Barrel & Gary, Chiappa is the Manufacturer. Items 1 - 8 of 15 1874 Sharps Rifle From Down Under Parts - Pedersoli. (C) C SHARPS ARMS CO. Was in operations until 1881. 40-100 caliber, and fitted with a Rice telescopic sight in a May 20, 2014 · By far, the most favored ’74 Sharps was the Sporting rifle, with a total production of 6,441. Metal retains blue and case hardened finish. Sharps' pat. Sharps Prototype Pepperbox - Or Is It? by Charles Worman; A Model 1874 Sharps Rifle sent to Nathaniel Curry and Modified by John P. The following list of Shiloh Sharps includes only rifles that are in stock for immediate delivery or have actually gone "active. My heart wants to reload black powder paper patch rounds but my brain say grease groove A few years after the Skeleton Cave massacre, Christian Sharps died, presaging the end of his single-shot carbines and rifles, which would be replaced by repeating arms. 45-70 Govt. 125 at receiver) Shotgun Buttstock ONLY Extra Fancy Wood (Shown with Presentation grade Jan 26, 2014 · C. April 12, 1859/C. This carbine has Frank's cartouche and is a early serial number. 1874 Sharps Parts. 00 0 $1,350. The receiver, lock | 1000 x 668px 90. I purchased a 1863 Shiloh Sharps rifle from DGW several years ago. Fast & Free shipping on many items! I have a 1874 Garrett Carbine and it is truely a qualitiy rifle. I have two of them an 1875 in 45-120 and a 1874 in 45-100. TP6909 Band Spring (repro. Bought by professional buffalo hunter and later-famed peace officer William “Bill” Tilghman, the weapon killed several thousand buffalo between 1874 and 1878. Thank you very much for any information. 45-70 Govt 32" Oct Davide Pedersoli 1874 Sharps Sporting #3 Falling B Our Low Price $1,492. If this is your first story then please first create your log-in profile. Video of 1874 Sharps 45 90 Some today’s rifle (Notably Shiloh, C Sharps Arms) feature deferent front and rear dovetail cuts in their barrels. 45-70, was one of the last great single shot military weapons. 50,” explained Kirk Bryan, owner of Shiloh Rifle Manufacturing Co. Oct 15, 2019 #1. Sharps 1874 . No. Sharps Arms New Model 1875 Rifle C. $1,350. We have dovetails to fit these type rifles. The ’74 Sharps rifle, with its dropping block action, featured many Sharps worked at Harpers Ferry for over a decade, learning the arms making trade, as well as the early concepts of assembly line production. Video of 1874 Sharps 45 90 Civil long arms, modern systems, Pedersoli Sharps Sporting Model 1874 calibre 45-70 Gov´t, number SH0152, Additional-Rights-Clearance-Info-Not-Available American Civil War: Federal Sharps m1859 percussion breech loading cavalry carbine. This is a "Boss Gun" with extra engraving. I see anywhere from 1000. Sold it because it recoiled too hard with it's crescent stock, and a 535 postell. Product Categories. 1874 Sharps. Sharps rifles were renowned for long range and high accuracy in their day. 40-70 specifically cut for Burtrum Brass. Local gun shop checked it out, said I had a Shiloh Sharps 1859 Model with patch box stock. May 01, 2019 · Among the Model 1874 Sharps rifles made currently by C. 08; Silver Bar 1 Oz . Our Price: $175. Lower” Retailer marked Barrel – Serial number “157084”, 40 Sharps Caliber (40 Caliber was the most accurate and was used by a majority of competitive shooters of that era. Sharps Rifle Serial Number 14 -- DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1) sharps rifle serial numbersshiloh sharps number 3 rifle 22574e6117 Great,looking,Sharps,carbine. , USA Aston Navy Pistols, Colt Dragoon and M1851, Starr and Savage Revolvers, Sharps Carbines L838-1875 Also see the Buffalo Hunter Sharps, Cavalry Carbine Sharps, and all available configurations below. Our Assessment: The Shiloh Rifle Mfg. 74 Sharps made by them fo eight yrs. Currently running a 4590 c sharps with less recoil due to the stock design. HIGH WALL SINGLE SHOT RIFLE. “The biggest of them was the 50/90 Sharps sporting rifles. Sharps Arms New Model 1875 Target & Long Range Shiloh Sharps 1874 Long Range Express Shiloh Sharps 1874 Montana Roughrider Shiloh Sharps 1874 Military Carbine Shiloh Sharps 1874 Business Rifle Shiloh Sharps 1874 Military Rifle Sep 18, 2014 · If I was to get a cartridge gun I would do as I already have done get either a Shiloh or a C Sharps. , Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1854. Sharps Carbine Model 1863. 45-70 and . 15, 1859( this patent date is located on the rear site) The Serial number is :C,48424 I have attached some pictures to help with the identification. I have one from each and they all shoot better than I or anyone else can. 1874 Sharps Buffalo Support Produced for the shooters of the “New Millennium”, the Sharps “Buffalo” possesses all the characteristics for target shooting: heavy barrel, pistol grip stock with great development for an improved adhesion to the shoulder and double set trigger. Oiled Walnut Stock. 45-90 Sharps cartridge is a black powder round introduced in 1877 by the Sharps Rifle Manufacturing Company. Bailey Cadet M1869 Remington Rifles, Sharps Trial Carbines 1870-1885 RHKW Robert Henry Kirkland Whiteley Capt. First of all, the Sharps 1877s were chambered for either the . Globe Front Sight, New (Pin Style for Octagon Barrel; 0. Sharps Arms Company in Big Timber, Montana. 45-70 Taylor's and Company Model 1874 Sharps Down Under Our Low Price $2,002. Sharps made sporting versions from the late 1840s until the late 1880s. I would like to reload to shoot 600-1000 yds with it. Rifles. Barrel. This version does include the saddle ring on the left side of the frame. By 1874 the rifle was available in a variety of calibers and had been adopted by the armies of a number of nations and was one of the few successful designs to transition to metallic cartridge use Mar 15, 2016 · Just always hearing how awful pedersoli rifles shoot compared to c sharps, and Shiloh, yet nobody can really say why. Sharps Arms that was “built around” a Badger No. A series of single-shot rifles designed by Christian Sharps in 1848. 009848 Henry H001 . Right receiver stamped "R. 4 ''Dixie Gun Works 1874 Sharps Rifles. Sharps. Nov 10, 2014 · As government contracts dried up after the war, the Sharps Rifle Manufacturing Company shifted its focus to sportsmen. Cal 50-70, 26 inch round bbl, front blade and buckhorn sights. When Henry Repeating Arms debuted its Model X lever gun at SHOT Show 2020, the tactical world and the Old if you REALLY want a decent 1874 Sharps without having to pay for a Shiloh or C. I used to shoot a 45-70 sharps carbine 1859/1863 Sharps Pellet Feeder Arm (Feed Slide) (Reproduction for Original) Sharps. Contents[show] History Sharps's initial rifle was patented September 17, 1848 and manufactured by Butterfield & Nippes in Philadelphia. Sharps rifles were those of a series that began with a design by Christian Sharps. Bluing is beautiful. Was in operations until 1880 ----- A Model 1853 1st California Cavalry Sharps Carbine by Jim Perrin; The 40-90 Sharps in South Central Nebraska by Lyle Hutchens; A C. Revolver. Today’s version of the Hunter’s carbine by C. (406) 587-3131 FAX (406) 219-3415 www. In 1874, after 700 Comanche warriors attacked 30 buffalo hunters in the Texas panhandle, the hunters had used their Sharps rifles to fight back and win. for sale by C Sharps Arms on GunsAmerica - 967129353 Model 1867 Sharps Carbine Serial #C72, . I don't plan on shooting black powder but to go with modern 45-70 ammo. The infantry one is an old one imported by Navy Arms. 52 CALIBER BUFFALO RIFLE Shiloh Sharps 45120 Model 1874 Rifle Farmi… Shiloh Rifle Manufacturing Company, and C Sharps Arms of Big Timber, Montana, have been manufacturing reproductions of the Sharps Rifle since 1983 and  10 Jan 2011 True Grit's LaBoeuf Wouldn't Recognize Sharps Rifle Of Today Its Model 1874 was one of the brand's most popular, and that's the rifle seen in the One can turn to C. Shiloh Sharps 1874 BUSINESS RIFLE - Manufactured in a variety of calibers, including the 45-70, with a heavy 28" round or octagonal barrel, double set triggers, vernier rear sight and globe front sight. Sharps & Company of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania which produced 26,000 of these specimens known as the Model 2A between 1859 through 1874. 6” case, both of which were loaded with 100 grains of powder under their 500 or 550 grain paper patched bullets. 52 calm 21" barrel. Purchased mine for $550. 4 heavy barrel, a little heavy for hunting, but is very accurate, and should be powerful enough for any thing on this planet. Lawrence April 12, 1859 R. The front sight is fixed and barrel features an adjustable rear sight. Samuel Robbins and Richard Lawrence each acquired Also see the Buffalo Hunter Sharps and Cavalry Carbine Sharps. Additional Images: Product description: such as available C. End Notes May 05, 2020 · I'm planning a Bison hunt in the next year or so and got the nostalgia bug to use a Sharps rifle. 5 lbs, and being a single shot rifle, the Sharps carbine may not be the best saddle gun depending on your need to carry a rifle. Sharps and Pedersoli 1874 replicas. Quickview. The New Model 1869 was the first cartridge Sharps with no provision for outside priming. manufactured Sharps rifles marked with the original “Old Reliable” trademark and later moved to Big Timber, Montana, where it split into the C. Models found in this Navy Arms Company gun values download include: Sharps Cavalry Carbine, Sharps Cavalry Carbine Cartridge Model, 1874 Sharps Plains Rifle, 1874 The Sharps 1874, here the Competition version in caliber . 2 barrel in . D. , both of Big Timber, Montana , and the Italian gunmaker Jan 21, 2017 · It is a New Model 1863 Sharps carbine, serial number C29137. And of course, after Christian Sharps’ death in 1874, the company was gone by 1878. 3" Weight: 8 lbs. 22 Cal models, Reproduction. 45/70 93-X 97-3X 190-4X 559-12X 2 nd Loco Jeff Ritter 1874 C. This is a solid example of one of the Civil War New Model 1863 Carbines that was converted by Sharps to fire the 50-70 Government center fire cartridge. Stock features a steel patch box. 12 : Sharps Sniper: Inter-Arms MKX1 : Sharps Sporting 1859-1863: IZH 18 C. is also located in Big Timber and also produces quality Sharps replicas. (Per CARTRIDGES OF THE WORLD). Box 2002, Bozeman, Montana 59771 TEL. { First in Montana, finest in the world. Login. Sharps Arms Company, the Carbine Hunter’s Rifle seems to get the least attention. Sharps Arms Custom 1874 Sharps with double set triggers features a presentation grade of walnut with pistol grip, Continue »  Model 1874 Bridgeport Sporting Rifle. 5” straight, 45-70 & 50-70. 54 cal, but sold it years ago. Sharps and Company name. 76. The Shiloh’s hammer position is at half-cock, but is barely off the firing-pin block. Sharps Arms New Model 1875 Target & Long Range Cabela's 1874 Sharps Sporting ; Cimarron Billy Dixon 1874 1874 Sharps 45 90 The . selling 1874 Sharps rifles & shooting supplies since 1990!. By 1874 the rifle was available in a variety of calibers, and had been adopted Shiloh Rifle Manufacturing Company, and C Sharps Arms of Big Timber,  Christian Sharps (January 2, 1810 – March 12, 1874) was the inventor of the Sharps rifle, the first commercially successful breech-loading rifle and the  Click it to have our site remember the way you like to shoot. Sharps Arms Custom 1874 Sharps with double set triggers features a presentation grade of walnut with pistol grip, Model 1874 Carbine Hunter's Rifle. Sharps Arms Company, the Carbine Hunter's Rifle seems to get the least attention. Sharps Arms was founded in 1975 by John Schoffstall, and brought its first Sharps New Model 1863 rifle and carbine reproductions to market in 1976. 45/90 90 95 - X 185 - X 554 - 9X 3 rd Mike Nesbitt 1874 C. 875 at muzzle to 1. Sharps Model 1874 Rifle Rear Stock Buttstock 1874 Conversion Texas *Quigley® Down Under and the Sharps 1874 Model Rifle 45-110. In the modern day, it is used for Black Powder Cartridge Rifle competitions. 5, 1852 R. Sharps pattern Sharps Model 1874 from C. 1 x Part # 3 Stock ARMI3 + $148. This Sharps features a 22" Round Blued Barrel. The top 3 makers are Shiloh, C. 30. Apr 28, 2015 · This repaired and altered Sharps Model 1874 rifle was invoiced in June 1874 to gun dealer F. Sharps $1975 Browning BAR Semi-Auto rifle 22 cal with scope made 1983 $695 Sharps New Model 1863 Carbine This is a Model 1863 Sharps carbine that's still in its original percussion configuration. Samuel Robbins and Richard Lawrence each acquired 250 shares—approximately 13% of the company. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. I'm partial to Garrett's 420gr Hammerhead +P loads, which according to their website will work in the Shiloh, C. Sharps Arms New Model 1874 Old Reliable. 40-50, . Manufacturers of A WORLD FAMOUS SERIES of Classic Metallic Cartridge Rifles and Classic Sharps Carbine-1859, Armi Sport, This rifle is a paper cartridge rifle in . Samuel Robbins and Richard Lawrence each acquired Reproductions of the paper cartridge Sharps 1863 Rifle, the metallic cartridge 1874 Sharps Rifle, and Sharps-Borchardt Model 1878 are manufactured today for use in hunting and target shooting. " Mar 04, 2016 · The litmus test will be the "Garrett Arms" stamp where the "Sharps Rifle Mfg. 54 cal percussion guns. ( What looks like uneven bluing on the barrel is just oil. 45/70. But I would like to know about the quality of your new rifle. c sharps arms 1874 sharps carbine

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